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Winter is the best time to make a new start. The falling snow removes people from streets, covers all the colors. It brings almost all visual elements of life on the same level. At such times, I dream of good memories and try to raise hopes for the future.

When nature wakes up and spring comes, I always have a motto in my mind from that times. Would you like to find this year's together?

Cansu Bay Yeşildağ '23


Always, inspiration is hidden in nature. The color of the sun, clouds, river and rain have recently invited me into the forest. Birds, mushrooms, green leaves, colorful flowers, and dragonflies reminded me of the mystery of this world.

It was literally like meeting old friends. Many years ago, I created a poster series about forest fairies.

Now I can see they missed me so much, and I can hear their songs. I have to share this happiness with you.

Cansu Bay Yeşildağ '22

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